About Us


High Quality Above All Else

We strive to give our customers the highest quality products at all times. And starts with the best ingredients - including cage free eggs, locally sourced butter, organic shortening and non-GMO sugars. We know that we could make our cookies with less expensive ingredients, but that's not what you are looking for when you come here. You are looking for the best products for your family - and that's why we use the best ingredients in our artisan bakery. 


No Preservatives

Unlike many of our competitors, we never use preservatives in any of our products. When examining our ingredient statement you will not find any "dough conditioners" or "flavor enhancers/protectors". We never use artificial sweeteners, gums or shelf life extenders because that is not what you want for your family. 


Family Business

All of our cookies and treats are made by our family in our bakery in Connecticut. When you support us, you are supporting a small business - not some multinational corporation. Your support helps our community and is making our dreams come true every day.